« Trainings are in the capable hands of our own team of developers. Next to theory and practice, they will share their day to day experiences in application design and implementation »

Important note

We are not currently offering training in english


diagrame LabVIEW

LabVIEW in the principal part of the National Instruments software environment. Discover how it will enable you to create your own applications, and learn how to write addaptive code that is easy to maintain and re-use.


Modules LabVIEW

To further develop your hardware capabilities, the use of the LabVIEW Real-Time and FPGA modules is a nessicary step. Create and run programs on the CompactRIO modules to discover the scope of possibilities this system has to offer.


Nos formations complémentaires à LabVIEW

To deepen your understanding of data acquisition and signal treatment or to discover the possibilities of TestStand, the National Instruments test suite, we offer 4 additional training packages. If you are still not satisfied, we are able to develop specific training sessions that exactly fit your needs. 

Infos pratiques

Praticle information about LabVIEW, TesTAND and signal processing trainings at SAPHIR

Learn more about our training facilities, scedules, lodging and everything else that will make your training a succes.


«  I have attended several training sessions at Saphir. Training facilities were perfect […] Trainers were experimented developers able to provide advice on your own developments.»

Sebastien Cany

Product Quality Assurance Engineer, STMicroelectronics