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1. What rights do I obtain when i purchase a single development licence for a labview toolkit that was developed by saphir?

The purchase of a single development licence gives you:

- A development licence for a single workstation for an unlimited period of time.

- 90 days of email support to help you during activation and the initial use of your toolkit.

- The possibility to build and deploy as many applications as you wish using our LabVIEW toolkit. (for which you will need the National Instruments Application Builder)

- The possibility to activate a second licence on a personal workstation to ease your development process.

2. What rights do I obtain when i purchase 1 year of extra support?

The purchace of an extra year of support gives you:

- Email support to help you activate and use your toolkit

- Free major updates.

- The possibility to reactivate your toolkit in case of a hard disk failure.

3. What rights do I have when i use a free SAPHIR toolkit?

- The opportunity to use the tools that our development team uses on a day to day basis.

4. I'm using a toolkit that was developed by SAPHIR, and I’m really happy with it. How can i let you know?

- Send us an email, the team will be very happy to receive it.

- If you wish to share your story with more LabVIEW users, you have 2 options:

a. Leave a note and some commentary on the dedicated page for that toolkit on the LabVIEW Tool Network.

b. Create a recommendation on the Products and services page of our LinkedIn.

5. I am an education professional, and I’d like to install one of the toolkits developed by SAPHIR in a classroom. Do you have special offers for education?

-  contact us via our form or directly at  , we will gladly discuss the options to integrate our products in your educational programs.  

6. I am using a toolkit developed by SAPHIR in one of my applications. How should i show this in my documentation?

In order to respect the intelectual property of our products, we kindly ask you to add the following text in the 'about' part of your application and the documentation thereoff :

"The toolkit NAMEOFTHETOOKIT has been provided by SAPHIR
Copyright © 2013 SAPHIR (”

7. I cannot activate my toolkit, what should I do?

An often occuring problem connected to the administration of user accounts makes that, in some cases, the toolkit does not get activated. It seems the toolkit functions correctly, but when LabVIEW is launched a second time, the toolkit is back in evaluation mode. To resolve this problem, follow these 3 steps:

1. Run LabVIEW with administator rights. To do so, right-click on the LabVIEW icon and select "run as admin"


2. Activate your toolkit with the codes that you received when you purchaced it.

3. Re-launch LabVIEW to verify that the changes are correctly implemented.

If this did not resolve your problem, then don't hesitate to contact our support teams at 



1. Can you dispatch a developper for total on-site project developpement ?

If your demand is for interim management to strenghten your local team during the development of one of your projects, the answer is no.  We do travel extensively when this is called for, but we develop essentially in our offices to optimize collaboration within our multi-diciplined team, and to maximize the cohesion and mix of competences with all our experienced developers.

Again, this does not mean we do not come to your site when this is called for. To follow progress on running project, perform tests, install and optimise platforms do on-site training and share our knowledge and for all other reasons when our local presence is valuable.

To learn more about our company philosophy and our team, have a look at this page and for more details on what SAPHIR can do for you have a look at our projets and specialisations pages.

2. Can your team take care of project management?

Principally, project responsibility and management rests in the hands of the client. At the same time, we regularly help our clients with the creation of projects, where we play a vital role in identifying and describing the technical specifications of their needs. We can subsequently help with the management by providing up to date knowledge, choosing and managing the right sub contractors and suppliers, planning and executing project reviews, creating and developing software, integrating and executing tests, creating and reviewing documentation, putting projects into service and maintaining the systems during operation.

To learn more about our company philosophy and our team, have a look at this page and for more details on what SAPHIR can do for you have a look at our projets and specialisations pages.


1. Where can i find the dates for your trainings?

We determine the dates for our trainings at the end of each calendar year. You will find the totality of the trainings we offer on our two locations on this page

If none of the proposed dates work for you, just contact us so we can find a solution that will still your hunger for knowledge.

2. Are there still places available for the training I wish to follow?

To make sure you get the right answer to that question, contact us.

3. Is it possible that the training for which I’m subscribed gets cancelled?

Bien que nous essayons de tout mettre en œuvre pour maintenir toutes les sessions prévues au calendrier, il nous arrive de devoir en annuler faute d'avoir un minimum de stagiaire. Dans ce cas nous vous prévenons au plus tard une semaine avant la date prévue pour la formation. Vous êtes alors prioritaire pour les sessions suivantes.

I should be clear that we try to maintain all the dates we put in place, but it is possible we have to cancel a training due to the minimum number of participants not being obtained. If this happens, you will be informed the lastest one week before the start date, and you will have the priority in joining subsequent trainings.

4. Why does the pro-forma for the training I subscribed for come from national instruments?

All the trainings concerning LabVIEW, TestStand and signal processing, at both our location in Barraux and Lyon, are handled by members of the SPAHIR team. Since 2006 we propose these trainings together with National Instruments as authorized training center for the Rhône-Alpes region. This means that the administrative part (pro-forma, inscription, attendance notifications) are handled by National Instruments.