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08 Jan 2015

For 2015, use our probes for LabVIEW

New custom probes for LabVIEW

All of us at SAPHIR hope 2015 will be a year full of professional and personal successes for you. And if you are a LabView developer, we are happy to let you know these wishes come with a present: A new version of our toolkit for ViBox-Probes!
The toolkit has been updated with these additions:
  • Support for LabView RT for almost all the probes
  • A new History probe compatible with enums 
  • A new History probe compatible with error clusters
  • Visualization of string length for the String History probe
  • … and some minor improvements

In less then 2 minutes, the video below will show you all the important updates



We at SAPHIR use these probes every day to complete the LabView applications that we bring to our clients.
To install the new toolkit, or to update via VIPM, click here or download the package here.
And as a bonus for the most determined developers, check out the video below to see one of our probes wish you a happy 2015 !


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